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Energetic Genetics™ the software of a human (whereas genes are the hardware).
The software is made up of hereditary programs, beliefs and feelings that create your nature, qualities, identity, character traits and state of being.

Using Belief System Mapping™, there is now an alternative way to understanding who you are, why you feel the way you feel, and why you experience your life they way you do.

Schedule an in-office or remote appointment today to identify the programs, beliefs and feelings that are encoded in your Energetic Genetics™.


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"Programs" are coded instructions for the automatic performance of a particular task. 

Your reality is constructed by programs passed down to you through heredity (Your Lineal Belief System).

Your beliefs and feelings are the coded instruction inside these programs and they make you

the individual that you are.


Only a portion of the more than 10,000 Programs in the Human Operating System (HOS) are at work for you in building your reality.

These active programs make up your Belief System for Self (BSS).


Belief System Mapping™ can help you accurately identify the programs in your "BSS" that make you, YOU.

Find the reason you do what you do, feel what you feel, think what you think, or believe what you believe. It is all determined by your Energetic Genetics™.



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You can have a different experience.

The key to finding out what anxiety, worry, fear, happiness, pleasure, contentment, etc., is for YOU is Belief System Mapping™. Your experiences are unique to you and that uniqueness can now be mapped and changed.

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The mental powers of an individual (provided through heredity, manufactured by the electrical activity of the brain, stored in the Unconscious, processed in the Sub-Conscious and acted out in the Conscious) to create emotions, feelings, beliefs, and belief systems that orchestrate an individual's reality.

The identification of emotions, feelings, beliefs, and programs of an individual or a group, created by that individual's or group's Energetic Genetic makeup.

You have a personal way to view the world and a collective way to view the world. An example would be how you view Happy and how your society or family views Happy. Eric's group work helps with how you operate out in the world, while the individual work helps with how you operate and navigate your personal world.

Located in

Tri-Cities, WA 

404 Bradley Blvd Ste. 301
Richland, WA 99352


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