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What is a Group Treatment?

Making your day and experience in the world easier and lighter.

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Each month, a series of 8 remote group treatments are done here at Energetic Genetics.

These treatments are not specific to each individual but rather relate to how people in the group make up a whole.  You could think of it as a peer group, but its definition is the “Collective Unconscious,” which Carl Jung created.


The treatments are similar in structure and function to the individual Belief System Mapping treatments. However, instead of being specific to a single person, it is a collective treatment for those in the group.


We all share a Common reality, created by a common belief system made up of Common Facts. It is this structure that allows us to interact in society. But, of course, it goes without saying that you have your Reality, made up of your own Personal Belief System, which is built by your Personal Facts (Opinions, Ideas, Beliefs, & Impressions).


Common Reality

Common Belief System

Common Facts


Personal Reality

Personal Belief System

Personal Facts


These treatments help those in the group by giving assistance or relief from the common functions or problems manufactured by our Common Reality.


Again, think of it like a peer group that only works in common fact – no personal opinions, ideas, beliefs, or impressions – just facts!


The treatments are timely and informative and offer you insight into why you have the experiences you have.

Each comes as a video summary delivered to your inbox and is around 10 minutes long, providing you with the tools needed to move through our common reality

with the least friction!

Watch the free treatment for email subscribers for September 2022

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